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My name is Chassidey but i go by chass or chassie. [my name at work CC] I'm 18, 5'6 and 133 pounds. i'm 6 months pregnet, I love being pregnt i mean come on who dosn't think that pregnet women are sexy. I'm single[the babys father left when i was 3 months] I'm looking for fun. I love to go out and party. I can be a beautiful women in public but a freak in the bed, [i love sex alot] I strip at the colosim on 8mile and van dyke. I want a man that has a good job and is self safictiont i don't need some one to take care of me just my sexual needs. I've had a three some with about 5 couples. I think it so hot to wacth a man f**k his wife and then do it to me or her to eat me out when he's f**king her up the a**. I can do some amazing things in the bed. If u wanna talk dirty to me or show some pic. or meet in person let me o. I'm up for anything.

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Age 39 years old 21 - 36 yrs old
Location Grosse Pointe Woods,Michigan,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
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Religion Catholic
Education level
Profession Food Service

What I'm looking for

any one who can shoe me a good time in the bed. If you have a d**k and know how ro use it then i'm good. i like the teast of cum. I like to give head. Hand jobc. be eatin out. to eat out girls. diffrent sex positions. to be figered or to finger some one. I like it rough some times hard core and xxx. If you wanna wacth porn while we f**k then so be it. I'm ok with out using a condom as long as i know your clean[i take the pill religiously] Why keep all that white creamy goodnes in some plastic i like the filling of f**king then all of a sundden you nutt in my mouth or pussy. It take a real man to give me an orgasim. If you wanna play with toys the bring it on. I get a brizilon wax all the time. if there some hair i always let a guys ether pluck it because they wann asee me in painm or they can shave it for fun. I'm a kinnkie girl but u know what [you only leave once] Halla at me if you wann asee some stuff.
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